Colorado Restaurant Owner Defies Coronavirus Safety and Science, Customers Crowd Inside Without Masks

Jesse Arellano, owner of the C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen in Castle Rock, Colorado, is defying state coronavirus safety orders and science by reopening his restaurant.

Nick Puckett of Colorado Community Media filmed customers packing in close together and mostly not wearing masks on May 10, Mother’s Day.

Arellano told KCNC that scientific models — which make changing estimates in response to numerous factors — are simply “dang lies”:

Look around, look how much space we have here. We have a huge parking lot you know? We’ve got huge parks. We’ve got all this free air and what we’re going to do is carry bacteria in our masks? That doesn’t seem logical to me.

You know there’s lies. Dang lies… it’s statistics. The projection said 100,000 people are going to die in April that didn’t happen. The numbers you know, they keep going down and you know, we keep getting more restrictive it seems backwards to me.

(Source: KCNC, Photo Credit: Nick Puckett/Colorado Community Media)

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