Colorado Cops Violently Dislocate Mentally Ill Elderly Woman’s Arm, They Laugh About It and Fist Bump, Don’t Tell Jail About Her Injury: Report

Police dislocated the arm of Karen Garner, the 73-year-old woman with dementia, in Loveland, Colorado, and then proceeded to laugh about it and fist bump on June 26.

Garner allegedly wandered out of a Walmart without paying for an item that cost $13.88, which apparently was justification for the police (in their minds) to assault her.

Garner’s lawyer Sarah Schielke claims the police body cam video also shows the cops failed to provide Garner with medical attention despite knowing she was injured. Garner reportedly went over six hours without any medical attention.

The police body cam video, released by the Life and Liberty Law Office, shows three cops laughing about their use of excessive force, and even fist-bumping over the fact that one of the officers intimidated a citizen who made a complaint about the arrest.

According to the law firm, Austin Hopp, who allegedly injured Garner, told another officer, Daria Jalali, to listen for the “pop” in Garner’s shoulder while they watched the body cam video of the arrest at the police station while Garner sat in a jail cell just a few feet away.

Schielke writes her response in the caption of the video: “This horrific statement comes to light after Ms. Garner’s family hired a sound engineer to enhance the audio on Loveland Police station booking videos from the day of Karen’s arrest.”

Schielke said the officers told the Larimer County Jail staff that Garner was uninjured despite obvious signs to the contrary: “To date, the City has yet to extend any apology to Ms. Garner or her family for the various atrocities witnessed on these videos.”

Hopp has reportedly been placed on administrative leave and the other two officers have been reassigned to “administrative duties” during an investigation.

(Source: Life and Liberty Law Office/YouTube)

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