Colorado Cops Take Down Innocent Black Man, 60, Protecting His Daughter

Police body cameras recorded Officers Steven Gerdjikian and Ryan Marker allegedly roughing up Dwight Crews, a 60-year-old African-American man, in Aurora, Colorado, on Nov. 14, 2015.

Crews stopped his stepdaughter’s husband, who is white, from allegedly physically abusing his daughter, notes Westword.

The son-in-law called the cops and told them Crews had assaulted him and might have a gun.

Gerdjikian and Marker came to Crews’s home around 2 a.m., about an hour after the incident, and demanded that Crews come outside: “You’re going to get a warrant for your arrest if you don’t come down here to resolve this.”

The cops, who admitted they did not have a warrant, searched Crews. When Crews was concerned about his cat walking out of his home, the cops took him down to the ground, injuring him.

Crews was charged with assault and resisting arrest, but a judge dropped  the resisting arrest charge, and a jury found Crews not guilty of assault.

Gerdjikian and Marker were not disciplined for their actions against Crews.

(Sources: Westword)

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