Colorado Cop Tases Man Over Free Speech, Cop’s Supervisor Steps In To Protect Man’s Rights

Commerce City, Colorado officials agreed on Dec. 7, 2018 to pay $175,000 to Joshua Condiotti-Wade, who was tased by Officers Chris Dickey over a freedom of speech issue on July 28, 2016.

Westword notes Condiotti-Wade and Eric Brandt were protesting at the Adams County Human Services department with “F*ck Bad Cops” and “Blue Lives Murder” when someone inside the building “was annoyed” by the free speech demonstration and called the police.

Officers Dickey and Ryan Sedgwick told Condiotti-Wade and Brandt to leave because it was “private property,” when it was actually government-owned public property.

Condiotti-Wade and Brandt walked over to a public sidewalk, and were followed by Dickey who demanded their IDs to write them a summons.

Condiotti-Wade refused, and Brandt said he was going to arrest him. Condiotti-Wade began to run off, while Brandt chased and tased him. taser With a Taser dart in his arm, Condiotti-Wade circled back to the front of the building where Dickey’s supervisor, Commander Mark Morgan, schooled Dickey on the First Amendment and public property.

(Source: Westword)

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