Colorado Cop Shoots Unarmed Driver In Head At Point-Blank Range

The Pueblo Police Department in Colorado has finally released dash cam and body cam videos of  Officer Neal Robinson fatally shooting Andrew Byrd on Feb. 5, 2017.

(Robinson’s body cam video starts at the 4:20 mark.)

Robinson and other officers on the scene were absolved of wrongdoing by the Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office on Aug. 14, notes KUSA.

An unidentified woman called the police on Feb. 4 and accused Byrd of stealing her vehicle and being armed. The cops decided the vehicle issue was a “civil matter,” but searched for Byrd who had several outstanding warrants, according to the Pueblo Police Department.

The woman called the police again on on Feb. 5 and said Byrd and another man came to her home in a gray Toyota Camry.

The police radio dispatch claimed “the male parties had guns in their laps,” per the woman’s report, but no weapons were found inside the car.

Robinson and Officer Todd Whittemore found the gray Toyota Camry, which Byrd was driving. The Pueblo Police Department claims Byrd ignored the officers’ commands.

Robinson claimed that he felt his life was in danger because Byrd allegedly reached under under a seat toward the console.

Robinson also said that he felt like he was in danger when Byrd started driving toward him, however in the video, Robison fired at Byrd after Byrd passed him.

Lambert claimed that she fired her gun because she thought Byrd had shot Robinson, when it was actually the reverse.

(Source: KUSA)

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