Colorado Cop Killed Innocent Grandpa Who Stopped Home Invader

A police officer in Aurora, Colorado executed a 73-year-old grandfather who stopped a home invader on July 30.

District Attorney Dave Young recently announced that the officer would not be charged.

Richard “Gary” Black Jr. stopped a home invader, Dajon Harpe, who allegedly broke into the home and attacked his 11-year-old grandchild, notes KDVR.

Chad Hayashi, the boy’s father and Black’s stepson, recalled the moment to ABC News:

He’s naked and wet and has my son in a choke-hold with his right arm and biting my son’s left ear. My son was covered in blood. I jumped on him and got him to release eventually.

My dad exited the bathroom, went around the corner, and I immediately heard multiple shots, which I thought was my dad engaging these other people in the house.

The multiple shots were reportedly fired by Officer Drew Limbaugh  at Black who was holding a gun and flashlight.

Limbaugh reportedly yelled at Black but Black, who had a severe hearing impairment, may not have heard him.

Black did not raise his gun or point it in the direction of the officers.

Hayashi said the police handcuffed Black after executing him:

And as I turned the corner, my dad is face down … and he’s handcuffed. And I reached down and — I don’t remember if I touched his shoulder or his face — but he looked at me and I got pushed off by an officer out the door.

(Sources: ABC News/YouTube, KDVR via YouTube)

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