Colorado Cop Body Slams Woman Face-First Into Pavement

Newly-released police body camera video shows a cop body slamming a female Colorado State University student in Fort Collins, Colorado, in April 2017.

Officer Randall Klamser slammed Michaella Surat face-first into the pavement during an investigation of a bar fight, notes KCNC.

Klamser told Surat, who was walking away, that she could leave the scene, but when she turned around, Klamser grabbed her.

Surat repeatedly asked what she did wrong, but Klamser refused to say and body slammed Surat in front of dozens of bar patrons.

Civil rights attorney David Lane, who is now representing Surat, stated:

He doesn’t have a right to grab her, and she has a right to resist under Colorado law. He has no legal right to use that force, and she has a legal right to refuse that force.

Klamser claimed Surat choked him, but the video never shows her choking the officer.

Larimer County prosecutors dropped assault charges against Surat, but are still charging Surat with resisting arrest for an undefined crime.

Klamser was placed on administrative leave, but cleared by the Fort Collins Police Department of wrongdoing.


(Source: KCNC)

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