CNN’s Jim Acosta Was Told To Wear Bullet Proof Vest At Trump Rallies, Off-Duty Cops Were His Security Guards

CNN journalist Jim Acosta reveals in his new book “The Enemy of the People” that he received death threats from Trump supporters and was told to wear a bulletproof vest at Trump rallies, notes the Washington Post:

Acosta reveals that he is regularly tailed by security guards whenever he covers one of Trump’s rallies. (CNN has previously asked reporters not to disclose this in press accounts.) At one rally, he notes, the network hired four off-duty police officers to protect him.

As death threats poured in during the days before the 2018 midterm elections, Acosta began speaking with the FBI and police detectives who were investigating the threats, and discussing whether to wear a bulletproof vest at Trump rallies. CNN gave him round-the-clock protection.

After CNN sued the White House to win back his credential, Acosta worried that losing the lawsuit could be the end of his career, making him “radioactive” to any prospective employer. But he also mused about the larger consequences of an adverse judgment: “The White House could start ousting journalists it didn’t like. Governors and mayors across the country could start blocking reporters from official events. All those government officials would have to do, I worried, was a point to CNN v. Trump and that would be that.”

(Source: The Washington Post, Photo Credit: CNN)

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