CNN’s April Ryan Slams Sarah Sanders For Her Many Lies And Propaganda

CNN commentator April Ryan reminder viewers on “OutFront” of the many lies press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has told during her tenure, which is coming to an end:

She should have done the right thing a long time ago. The reason why I say that is because she suffers from ‘lie-abetes.’ And her tenure has been fraught with sex, lies, and videotape.

From the moment she stepped in that position, there were lies from that podium from her mouth about the videotape, “grab by the P-word” with the tic-tac.

Then she’s lied, lied, lied, lied lied. And then the video, that propaganda video that she put out about our own Jim Acosta. You know, saying that he hit someone when he indeed didn’t, to take his badge from him. And he ultimately got it back after court rulings and a big fight.

For her tenure, she has lied to American public. The American taxpayers pay her salary, and she’s been performing or the audience of one. For over over 90 days there’s been no briefing, no briefing when we are possibly going to war with Iran. When you have people worried about their pockets with these tariffs. And I mean, the list goes on.

Everything comes to the White House, from war to peace and everything in between. And she’s not covering even the middle of it, the in-between … If those who support Sarah think I’m lying, look at the Mueller report saying that she said she lied. In the Mueller report, she said she lied at the podium to reporters and the American public.

(Sources: CNN, USA TODAY)

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