CNN Panel Amazed They Have To Report Trump Is Behaving Like An Adult For Bush Funeral

CNN’s “Inside Politics” is amazed that it is news that President Donald Trump is behaving like an adult for the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush.

CNN anchor John King led with his observation:

A confidante told CNN the Trump White House has been, in this source’s words, ‘perfect and beyond gracious’ in assisting with the logistics. This should not be news, but it is.

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins added:

It is such a relief for the people in the White House who lived through the headache that was the John McCain funeral. There was so much drama that week that people in the WH said it was debilitating to the work environment.

Collins and reporter Ayesha Rascoe agreed that Trump was on his best behavior because he was “involved and he’s part of the pomp and the circumstance.”

Rascoe added:

By having him involved and making sure he is invited and making sure that he is welcome, he has been known to kind of be able to change on a dime.. He has shown he can change very quickly, especially if you’re nice to him.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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