Sarah Palin is Booed For Defending Gov. Scott Walker

At a tea party gathering in Madison, Wisconsin (sponsored by the corporate front group Americans For Prosperity), Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin had to talk over the boos and howls of about 3,000 pro-labor supporters at the Capitol. “Shame, shame, shame!” the crowd chanted. “Tax, tax, tax the rich!” was another chant was heard. “Go to hell!” Breitbart shouted back at the protesters. After Breitbart told the crowd to go to hell, Sarah Palin screamed into the microphone that Governor Walker had saved jobs and was trying to help the union (by destroying their right to collective bargaining).


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  1. Looks to me like people are not buying into there make up records or out and out lies any more. President Obama has done a good job with running the country, this country was in really bad shape when he took office, First with the auto co’s, then the banks, then the houseing going bust, we had already had all the jobs going to other country’s before he got in, Ok things might not be to where it was when Clinton got out of office but after 8 years of Republican rule where we lived in fear all the time of being attacted by someone or other, it has improved a lot . Instead of empty promises Obama and our Navy Seals took down Bin Lodin, got justice for the people who lost there lives in the World Trade Center. Now The Republicans want us to be frightened again this time with takeing SS away, as will as Medicare. They are a party of fear, of Lies, of shame, Of so called christians who would not want abortions but let little children starve, or go without health care. Good thing they go to church because I don’t think God would let any of them into heaven, since none really have a heart.


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