Focus on the Family Demonstrates Their Ignorance of Birth Control

Focus on the Family’s political arm CitizenLink recently released a video in which host Stuart Shepard bragged about how Hobby Lobby offered 16 out of 20 contraceptives.

“Sounds like access to me!” said Shepard.

However, of the four types of contraception that Hobby Lobby opposes, two are “morning after” pills, which are much stronger than a normal birth control pill because they have higher amounts of estrogen. “Morning After” pills are often used after another type of birth control, such as a condom, fails or even in rape incidents.

The other two types of birth control that Hobby Lobby opposes are IUDs, which many women use because their bodies cannot tolerate the side effects of birth control pills.

Shepard mentioned none of this. Nor would he directly address the fact that Hobby Lobby invests millions of dollars in the very same birth control, that it opposes, in its employees’ 401K plan.

“At least they have a retirement plan,” gushed Shepard.

(Sources: CitizenLink and Focus on the Family)

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