Hypocritical Heritage Foundation Praised Romneycare 6 Years Ago

The Heritage Foundation has relentlessly attacked Obamacare for being “government healthcare,” but only six years ago today, the Heritage Foundation praised Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney for signing his government healthcare bill.

Romney thanked the Bush administration for approving federal authorizations to fund the law and praised the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) for his “essential” work in shaping and advancing the bill through the state legislature. “Special thanks as well to the Heritage Foundation,” Romney continued. “Two of its leading scholars are the ones who helped design and craft what we now call the Connector, which is the centerpiece of the insurance reform portion.”

Once Heritage’s Dr. Robert Emmet Moffit took the stage, he praised the government healthcare law for establishing a new “patient centered” and “consumer-based” market where everyone can find affordable coverage.

(Source: ThinkProgress.org)

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