How the U.S. is Militarizing Police in a War Against Americans recently documented how American police forces are being militarized and used in a war against Americans. Federal officials have yet to respond to two United Nations human rights envoys who formally requested that the U.S. government protect Occupy protesters against excessive force by law enforcement officials.


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  1. When the Courts rule that protesters must stop their actions and are ignored, then Police are sent in to enforce the Courts ruling and are met by excrement, flying bottles and bricks, I am continually amazed by the patience the Officers exhibit in trying to keep things orderly and peaceful. But it only goes so far, when you attack the Police they are going to eventually respond. At one protest I saw an Officer duck from one missile while warning the thrower to stop. When the shirtless tattooed long haired twenty something threw a second the Police jumped him. Good for the Police.
    Our downtown City hall park was a mess of tents, garbage, pails of human waste, needles and stunk of MJ. Who do these morons think they are. They aren’t protesting.. their just using freedoms others paid for to act like animals.
    They don’t like big ba


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