Girl Brutally Beaten in McDonald’s

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A girl was brutally beaten to the point of having a seizure in McDonald’s as the staff passively watched on, with the exception of one manager who tried to intervene. During the horrifying assault, which lasted for several minutes, the young white girl was repeatedly kicked in the head and stamped on by two black girls in the fast food store in the Rosedale area of Baltimore, Maryland.

Staff stood by and even laughed as the attackers grabbed the girl’s hair and dragged her across the floor. The assault, which happened on April 18, was so severe the 22-year-old victim had a seizure in the restaurant.

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  1. that’s absolutely horrible and if i was a judje i would have thrown them in jail straight away.however,you seem very keen to underline the racial nature of the attackers.that’s a racially motivatetd article..”the white girl beaten” “the black girls”..


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