Americans Go Hungry During the Holidays

Recent US Census figures show that nearly half of all Americans are considered to be poor. As unemployment remains high and government social safety nets continue to be cut and blocked by Republicans, the fear is that in the future long food lines will only get longer.

For some of the families waiting in line, that small miracle was something they had to ask for for the very first time. any poor families in this country do work, but as food, housing and medical costs continue to rise, they’re forced to make tough choices.

Since the housing bubble burst, 4 million American homes have been lost to foreclosure. According to new government figures, 1.6 million children will soon be homeless.

Those harsh realities hardly get a mention in the mainstream media. Instead, the latest iPhone app or crazed mall shoppers get the type of news treatment that usually results in money making ratings.

While more Americans are finding themselves living in poverty, the average pay for a CEO shot up between 27 to 40 percent – a discouraging trend that continues to divide this country.

In the meantime, the US economy continues to be afflicted by high unemployment, the struggling housing market and the ongoing political wrangling in Washington DC — making it likely that the pain felt in 2011 will linger into 2012.

(Source: RT.Com)

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