Wal-Mart Sub-Contracts Labor to Illegal Aliens

A growing industry of temp agencies supplies and exploits -workers that move the products sold by big box stores like Walmart. In sprawling warehouse areas in places like California and Illinois, a new wave of so-called ‘logistics’ companies hire temp workers to run warehouse distribution facilities that get products from manufacturers, mostly overseas, to stores like Walmart.

The logistics companies hire large workforces on a daily basis, paying them low wages, giving them no benefits and putting them in grueling working conditions that lead many of the best workers to suffer from debilitating injuries that end their careers. The jobs are frequently given to African Americans and immigrants from Latin America.

Companies like Walmart hire logistics companies who then subcontract out to smaller companies who directly employ the warehouse workers, adding layers of bureaucracy that prevent the big box companies from suffering any negative blowback if the workers exploited or treated illegally.

(Source: Crooks and Liars)

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  1. “Logistics” companies that hire Illegal Aliens are RAMPANT in the Trucking industry ALSO….they hire “owner operators” of questionable background with FAKE drivers license to run 18 wheelers all over the Southwest….truckstops are FILLED with the Spanish Speaking “immigrants”. The sign on the door of the truck reads xyz LOGISTICS…….totally CROOKED operations….hiring ILLEGAL ALIEN DRIVERS.
    They have FAKE licenses and “documentation”
    Cops do NOTHING to stop it and neither does Border Patrol.


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