Cities Give Thousands Of Homeless People One-Way Bus Tickets To Leave Town

Cities across the U.S. are giving people one-way bus tickets to leave.

Jeff Weinberger, co-founder of the Florida Homelessness Action Coalition, told The Guardian that the bus programs are a “smoke-and-mirrors ruse tantamount to shifting around the deck chairs on the Titanic rather than reducing homelessness.”

Weinberger added: “Once they get you out of their city, they really don’t care what happens to you.”

Key West, Florida, has a bus program that actually bans homeless people from returning.

The Guardian’s homelessness editor, Alastair Gee, told Democracy Now:

Of the 15 or so programs from which we received data, Key West was the only one that had this stipulation. They essentially made you sign a kind of contract.

If you went to the program and requested a bus ticket, they would ask you to essentially declare that should you return to Key West, that you wouldn’t avail yourself of homeless services there on the island again.

And so, what this means is that you have people like Rose, for instance, who are sleeping on beaches, sleeping outdoors, because, essentially, they have taken a ticket. It didn’t work out, where they came from, and they’ve just ended up back in Key West.

(Sources: Democracy Now, The Guardian)

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