CIA Psychologist James Mitchell Tells Court That His Illegal Torture Methods Were My ‘Moral Duty’

Psychologist James Mitchell defended his illegal torture methods — while employed by the CIA — that were used on suspects during President George W. Bush’s failed “War on Terror,” reports AFP (VIDEO BELOW).

President Ronald Reagen signed a United Nations ban on torture, but the Bush administration engaged in torture — renamed “enhanced interrogation” — such as waterboarding, physical threats to suspects and their families, stress positions, insects and sleep deprivation.

Mitchell and fellow psychologist Bruce Jessen were paid $80 million by the Bush administration to be the central architects of the CIA’s torture program, even though they had no training in al Queda or how to interrogate people, reported NBC News.

The Spokesman-Review noted that “a U.S. Senate investigation later found that Mitchell and Jessen’s techniques produced no actionable intelligence in the war on terror.”

Mitchell told VICE News that illegal waterboarding torture isn’t right or wrong, but rather simply “like every tool in the tool bag.”

This week Mitchell told a Guantanamo military tribunal: “I’d get up today and do it again,” despite torture being a war crime.

Unable to justify illegal torture on a legal basis, Mitchell claimed he had “moral duty” to design torture techniques:

To protect American lives outweighed the feelings of discomfort of terrorists who voluntarily took up arms against us. To me it just seemed like it would be dereliction of my moral responsibilities.

Mitchell did not explain how hos torture techniques saved even one American life.

Mitchell personally took part in some of the torture, including waterboarding Abu Zubaydah, a CIA suspect who has not been tried or convicted of any crime.

Evidence from the torture techniques cannot be used in court, which punches yet another hole in Mitchell’s claims that he somehow was protecting Americans.

(Sources: AFP via Yahoo, NBC News/VICE News via YouTube, The Spokesman-Review)

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