Christians Threaten To Walk Out If School Bans Illegal Pregame Prayers Over Loudspeaker

Christian volunteers who work in the press box for Man High School football games in Parkersburg, West Virginia, are threatening to walk out if they cannot recite a Christian prayer over the stadium loudspeakers.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Logan Board of Education that said a “concerned parent” filed a complaint about the loudspeaker prayer, which amounts to multiple Constitutional violations because the loudspeaker and stadium sit on government property.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation said this is a case of the school promoting religion and that it’s illegal.

Chris Trent, who volunteers as the PA announcer at the stadium, told WSAZ that he and others are going to walk if the prayer cannot be recited:

I mean, how far are we going to go? With everything that’s going on in society, why is this an issue? It’s really just a crying shame. If it is forbidden tomorrow, then we will walk out.

Trent also complained that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is outside the state:

Why should a radical fringe group in Madison, Wisconsin, be able to tell a young boy or girl who goes to prayer club on their own free time who wants to voluntarily offer up a prayer that they cannot pray? And the prayer is really one of the last civil moments that we have.

The Logan Superintendent could not be reached for comment.

(Source: WSAZ)

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