Christian Trump Supporter Stands Outside Hillary Clinton’s House, Demands Her Arrest

Trump supporter and Christian activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire drove eight hours from Ohio to Hillary Clinton’s house in Chappaqua, New York where he filmed himself demanding that she be arrested for unspecified crimes:

This is one of the greatest crime scenes in American history right here… I’m sure we’re on cameras, I’m sure the FBI’s probably been following me all day, but here’s what I think, folks: What would it be like if we had a thousand people out here, petitioning the government to do its job and come and arrest Hillary Clinton.

Daubenmire told Christians to “demonstrate that we are against this ungodly, secret government” that is supposedly persecuting Christians:

Let President Donald Trump know that we’re not going to put up with this!

(Source: Dave Daubenmire via Twitter)

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