Christian Singers Kari Jobe And Cody Carnes Praise Trump After White House Visit

Contemporary Christian singers Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes gushed over President Donald Trump after meeting him, with other Christians, in the White House on Dec. 9.

The married couple made no mention of the Trump impeachment, immigrant children being separated from their parents and caged, or Trump’s payoffs to porn stars.

Jobe said they were “part of the group” who prayed “in the Oval Office for President Trump.”

She added that they heard briefing about “religious freedoms and things like that.”

Jobe claimed the Trump administration is working to end human trafficking, and said she had “been in tears all day” because of “what God is doing in the White House.”

Carnes said they got “worship and pray for the president,” and he claimed “there are so many good things happening out of this house.”

Jobe added: “God is moving. It’s very encouraging.”

(Source: The White House/Twitter)

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