Christian Singer — Who Performs Concerts Without Masks or Social Distancing — Gets Shut Down by Police in Chicago

California worship leader and singer Sean Feucht — who has been performing free concerts in different cities without safety masks or social distancing — was stopped by police from staging a concert in a park on Chicago’s south side on Sept. 16.

Feucht, the founder of the “Let Us Worship” movement, announced on a Facebook video that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot “shut us down” and police “are targeting Christians”:

We got a lot of local pastors out here. We are setting up to worship peacefully over this city, a very diverse group. And the police show up. Over 30 of them are here to shut us down. They won’t let us take our equipment out. Meanwhile, people are destroying this city with free reign. They are targeting Christians.

Feucht claimed in a second Facebook video (unable to embed here) that Mayor Lightfoot was “blocking Christians from worshipping in Chicago,” which is not true.

An unidentified co-organizer of the Chicago concert told The Christian Post that they did not have a permit for the concert, but were going to hold the concert anyway to peacefully protest as they have done in other cities (where they have placed people at risk for COVID-19).

The police told the concert organizers that they could protest peacefully in the street, which they did without masks or social distancing in a third Facebook video (unable to embed here).

(Sources: Sean Feucht/Facebook, Sean Feucht/Facebook, Sean Feucht/Facebook, The Christian Post)

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