Christian Singer — Who Holds Super-Spreader COVID-19 Concerts — Claims Biden is Promoting ‘Anti-Christ Agenda’

Pro-Trump Christian singer Sean Feucht — who holds unmasked crowded concerts while COVID-19 spreads through the country and kills hundreds of thousands of people — claimed in a Facebook video on Jan. 20 that President Joe Biden is promoting an “anti-Christ agenda.”

Feucht predicted Christians were going to persecuted in a fearmongering fantasy, notes Right Wing Watch:

This administration, I believe, is carrying some of the most anti-Christ agenda and philosophy that maybe we have seen in the history of America.

There is a mob spirit that wants us to bow down to the gods of secular liberalism … and if we don’t bow, we’re gonna be bullied, harassed, and threatened.

We’re going to be censored. We’re going to banished from speaking in the public square.

Feucht whined that Christians were celebrating the swearing-in of Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman to hold national office:

You’re placing race, you’re placing gender above the values and the biblical and theological foundation that we believe in.

(Sources: Sean Feucht/Facebook, Right Wing Watch, USA TODAY)

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