Christian Singer Brags About 12,000 Attending His Concert– No Masks or Social Distancing

Christian singer and worship leader Sean Feucht bragged on Twitter about his Sept. 7 concert drawing 12,000 people — who did not appear to be social distancing or wearing masks — outside the state capitol building in Sacramento, California on Sept. 6.

Feucht made no mention of the COVID-19 pandemic in California, but did claim “new season of courage, boldness & REVIVAL is sweeping across our state!”

California’s Senate Republican leader Shannon Grove appeared on stage with Feucht at the “Let Us Worship” event.

KXTV reports that the California Highway Patrol issued a permit for the super spreader event between 5 to 8 p.m.

Jaime Coffee, public information officer for the California Highway Patrol, said the event was permitted for 1,000 people while Feucht bragged that 12,000 showed up.

Feucht posted a video on YouTube on Aug. 17 in which he estimated thousands of people to attend. That is more than he told the California Highway Patrol would attend for the permit.

The California Department of Public Health says that those who attend outdoor worship services should be at least six feet away from people who are not living in the same home; this was ignored by concertgoers.

Coffee explained why the California Highway Patrol allowed the super spreader event to happen while coronavirus ravages the state:

Given the large number of people present for this event and the fact that it was a relatively short event the on scene manager made the decision to let the event continue to conclusion.

Other factors involved in this decision include factoring in the resources needed to disperse a crowd of this size, safety of the participants, the time it would take, as well as other protest events in the Sacramento area.

(Sources: Sean Feucht/Twitter, Sean Feucht/Twitter, KXTV, Sean Feucht/YouTube, California Department of Public Health)

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