Christian Radio Show Host Attacks Gillette’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Ad

Christian radio host Frank Sontag said on Jan. 14 on Los Angeles station KKLA that he was going to boycott Gillette razors because of the company’s new ad against sexual harassment and bullying.

Sontag couldn’t name a part of the ad that he actually opposed, and said he agreed and supported parts of the ad.

Sontag said he was upset because Gillette was telling men that it is time to do the “right thing” and “show men the right way.”

Sontag demanded to know how Gillette was determining the right behavior (not sexually harassing women and not bullying) for men.

Sontag then whined about a study regarding “toxic masculinity” by the American Psychological Association, which he mischaracterized as claiming “everything that’s masculine is wrong.”

(Source: KKLA)

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