Christian Radio Host: White Supremacy Was ‘Corrected’ By The Civil War

Christian radio host Janet Mefferd claimed on Sept. 25 that the issue of white supremacy had been “corrected” over 100 years during the Civil War.

Right Wing Watch notes that a caller asked why Religious Right figures like Mefferd couldn’t understand why NFL players were kneeling during the National Anthem.

Mefferd falsely claimed that the National Anthem protests (over police brutality against black people) were not actually about white supremacy:

It doesn’t have anything to do with overall white supremacy. We had a little thing called the Civil War. The slaves were freed. A lot of Americans laid down their lives to make that happen and we’re grateful for that. This is not a perfect country, but that was a gigantic error that was corrected and we’re all grateful for it.

Mefferd also parroted the right wing talking point that the NFL players were somehow dishonoring the military:

Have some respect. That’s all. It doesn’t cost you anything. You can stand for the national anthem and still have your own person views.

(Source; Right Wing Watch, Photo Credit: Janet

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