Christian Radio Host Impressed By Kavanaugh’s Virginity Defense, Says There Is A ‘War On Men’

Christian radio host Frank Sontag expressed his admiration for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh for claiming on Fox News that he was a virgin, which was one of Kavanaugh’s many rehearsed defenses against the claim that he tried to rape Christine Ford Blasey when they were teens.

Sontag explained on Los Angeles station KKLA how he has not watched most of Kavanaugh’s congressional testimony or his interview with Fox News, but was appalled by people who are opposed to Kavanaugh and suggested they also oppose Jesus:

But to watch some of the contentions, the outrage, and the anger, and the venom and the poison, and the judgement, I can only take a step back and be prayerful and go, “Okay, where might that be coming from?”

It’s pretty clear to me, especially as I read the Word. But the world doesn’t know him, we do as Christians and we are either for Jesus Christ or against him.

Sontag went on to say that there is a “war on men”:

Here’s my position. I think there’s a war on men. I think Satan is declaring war all over the place. My goodness, I wish some Christians would declare war on sin. I wish men would step forward as men of God and declare war on sin.

Sontag expressed his amazement that Kavanaugh said he was a virgin in high school and college as a defense against attempted rape:

For a guy to stand up and say that he was a virgin in high school and college, what does he have to gain by that if he’s lying? My goodness! What if he’s telling the truth? What if? God knows the answer to this. What’s really going on here?

Sontag went on to read an op-ed by Michael Brown, a right wing Christian commentator who had his anti-LGBT video banned on YouTube and has been locked out of Twitter for anti-Muslim posts.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers explained for the logically impaired why sexual assault and sexual intercourse are not the same thing, and it does not matter if Kavanaugh was a virgin (video below).

(Source: KKLA, The Stream, Michael Brown/Twitter, Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube)

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