Christian Radio Host: Ignorant Black NFL Players Don’t Know What Flag Means, America Is Not Racist

Christian radio host Sandy Rios claimed on her American Family Association program that NFL players who are protesting police brutality against black people are ignorant because they don’t know what the American flag means or U.S. history.

Rios also claimed that America is not a racist country despite the high numbers of black people locked up prison, racially-profiled by police and killed by officers, which has been noted by USA TODAY, The Sentencing Project and The Guardian.

Rios expressed her outrage when her fellow conservative Christians called into her show, notes Right Wing Watch:

The very thing that those players say they are protesting is what that flag represents. Does it still stand? And how dare they diss that flag. And the ignorance that they display by doing that is part of the problem.

They don’t understand. They’ve been taught that America is this horrible, racist country that’s oppressed millions. They’re not taught the true history of this country.

After white-washing U.S. history, Rios also made the bizarre claim that communism was taking over football:

Too many people are attached. It forms too many patriotic notions. And what the left does, communism does, is destroy and undermine every personal connection from mother, father, family—separate you from all the things that you know, get rid of any kind of country identification, language identification, so that you will be dependent on government.

(Source: Right Wing Watch, USA TODAY, The Sentencing Project, The Guardian, Photo Credit: Sandy Rios/Twitter)

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