Christian Radio Host: “Heartbreaking” That Boys Are Standing In Solidarity With Girls

Frank Sontag, a Christian radio host on KKLA-FM in Los Angeles, said on Aug. 24 that it was “heartbreaking” that some boys were standing in solidarity with girls, and questioned the masculinity of the boys whom he said had been “brainwashed” by the culture.

Sontag was upset because some boys at San Benito High School in Hollister, California, recently wore off-the-shoulder shirts in support of girls who wear the clothing, reports Yahoo Style.

Sontag was mystified as to why the boys would show solidarity with the girls:

Why would that be their response? If you’re a young boy, you feel called to be in solidarity with the girls, like somehow they should have that right to wear that clothing? There’s so much wrong with this. What kind of message does that send?

And by the way, if you watch the video, you look at these young boys, young men, and, I’m going to be careful about how I say this, let’s just say that when you look at them they don’t necessarily exemplify masculinity because they have been beat up by culture.

They’ve been brainwashed to somehow believe that the highest ideal is to be in solidarity with the girls, and equal rights, equality. That’s problem number one.

Problem number two is the girls think that somehow well, look, I somehow, they have no right to touch me, or anything else at all so I should be allowed to wear this outfit.

First of all, you’re not the same as a boy. That’s our culture right? Gender equality. Brainwashing these kids to think boys, girls, we’re all the same, and it’s all about equality. No, you’re not. No, you’re not.

Sontag insisted the kids did not have rights at school, and that the school was right to enforce its dress code;

It’s heartbreaking for me to see this story, which is just one story, yes, but it typifies where our culture is in so many ways. That young men have been led to believe that somehow that they’re equal to girls, not their uniqueness, not who they are as men…

So when I heard this story and I read this story it just really stuck out as this is where we are. This is where we are as culture. This is kind of the mindset of equality, and secularism and rebelling against God’s plan uniquely making us as equals, yes, as men and women, but different.

And yet here is another example of something that doesn’t have to stay that way. But it’s gonna take you, it’s gonna take me: Fall on our knees, ask for forgiveness and show us the way, and we can do that. We can stand firm.

(Source:KKLA/Soundcloud, Yahoo Style / Photo Credit: KKLA)

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