Christian Radio Host Demands All California Churches Open, Tells People to Hug and Expose Their Faces– While COVID-19 Deaths Soar

Christian radio host Frank Sontag called for “all” churches to reopen in California and for people expose their faces and hug, despite overflowing hospitals and over 30,000 deaths in the state.

Sontag — a longtime COVID-19 skeptic — issued his irresponsible and dangerous advice on Los Angeles-based KKLA:

We’ve got to open all the churches. We’ve got to preach the word. We gotta get back in fellowship… We have to hug each other again. We have to look into each other’s faces, not just our eyes. And I’m not saying be stupid and go where everybody is, and pack in, I’m not saying that. Be responsible, but it’s not an all or nothing thing.

Sontag also repeated a right wing talking point that masks do not work because California rules are so strict and yet Californians are getting ill (The reality is many Californians are not following the rules or wearing masks, which is why they are getting COVID-19):

And if masks worked, if California had the answer, why are we the worst state in the union with our escalating numbers, if this stuff worked the way they keep trying to figure out that it supposedly works?

Later on his Facebook page, Sontag called for all churches to open, again, with no mention of COVID-19. Sontag prayed at the end for God to judge people “harshly.”

(Sources: KKLA, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, Frank M Sontag/Facebook)

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