Christian Radio Host Defends Monuments To Pro-Slavery Confederate Generals

Christian radio host Janet Mefferd defended monuments of pro-slavery Confederate generals, and warned that Christian culture was being stripped away by the removal of religious monuments from government land.

Mefferd complained that too many people see the Civil War — which was fought over slavery — as being linked to slavery and racism, notes Right Wing Watch:

When you’re taking away the symbols of a culture, you’re taking away the culture, whether you know it or not. Whether you think about it or not.

When you talk about Confederate references in monuments in the United States, for example, too many people in modern society—anything that smacks of the Civil War and the South and the Confederacy is linked in a lot of peoples’ minds to racism and to slavery and a terrible dark past that we did have back in the 1800s, which we solved, by the way, through the Civil War through a lot of shed blood.

You can’t deny that when you are dealing with symbols of a culture and tearing down symbols of a culture, what you’re really doing is you’re changing the narrative of the culture.

Mefferd defended monuments to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a slave owner who led the fight for slavery. She also compared Confederate monuments to Ten Commandments monuments:

That’s why we’ve always been so concerned in this country any time you have a Ten Commandments monument ripped down, you have a cross monument ripped down, it says something.

It’s bigger than what it is on the surface. It’s not just about tearing down a cross—one cross. It’s not just about tearing down one Ten Commandments monument. It’s making a cultural statement.

Mefferd ominously warned that the Christian culture in Great Britain was being replaced by something nefarious:

Well, in Great Britain, when you’re not Christian anymore, what are you? You think you’re going to be a big nothing? You’re going to be secularist? You’re going to be atheists and it’s not going to be anything that is replaced by anything else? Of course it’s going to be replaced. It’s in the process of being replaced.

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