Christian Radio Host Claims To Be Victim In ‘War On Christmas’

Christian radio host Frank Sontag complained on Los Angeles station KKLA that the “war on Christmas” had struck him when a gas station clerk wished him “Happy Holidays,” and Sontag responded with “Merry Christmas.”

Sontag claimed the clerk said he was “offended” by “Merry Christmas,” which prompted Sontag to mock the clerk on the air for being offended.  Sontag then attacked the “culture” for being offended.

Ironically, Sontag was so offended himself — by the clerk — that he recalled the incident for one hour on his show on Dec. 11. 

Sontag was also offended by a parody video about “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Huff Post, which Sontag believed to be real because he read about it in The Christian Post.

Sontag went on to say that the real problem is that “people hate God,” and warned the clerk, over the air, that he was “lucky” that he (Sontag) was a Christian.

Sontag failed to mention that “Christmas” is never celebrated as a holiday in the Bible.

(Sources: KKLA,)

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