Christian ‘Pro-Life’ Advocate Abby Johnson Tells People to ‘Stop Wearing Masks’

Christian “pro-life” advocate Abby Johnsonwho mocked coronavirus danger on March 6 and told people to stop posting information on how to avoid the coronavirus on March 17 — told her followers on Twitter on May 13 to “stop wearing masks” so that they could “build up immunities to fight this virus.”

However, warned that the presence of antibodies, which can create immunity, has not been studied enough:

The hope is that people who’ve been exposed to the new coronavirus will have immunity to it. When you have immunity, your body can recognize and fight off the virus that causes COVID-19. But it’s possible that people who’ve had COVID-19 can get sick again — and maybe infect other people.

We don’t have enough information yet to know which is the case. But national health organizations are doing research to try to find some answers.

The World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove echoed that same concern, reports Stat News:

Right now, we have no evidence that the use of an [antibody] test can show that an individual is immune or is protected from reinfection.

BBC News notes immune people could pass on the coronavirus to others (which is prevented by wearing a mask):

Another issue is that just because you might be protected by your antibodies, it doesn’t mean you cannot still harbor the virus and pass it onto others.

(Sources: Stat News,, Abby Johnson/Twitter, BBC News, Photo Credit: Abby Johnson/YouTube)

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