Christian ‘Pro-Life’ Activists Falsely Claim Pelosi Put Abortion Funding in Coronavirus Aid Bill

Christian pro-life advocates and conservatives such as Trump lawyer Jordan Sekulow, Life News. EWTN, The Daily Caller and Abby Johnson (VIDEO BELOW) have falsely claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi included abortion funding in the coronavirus aid bill.

Politifact debunked this lie:

A section in the bill seeks to reimburse insurers for COVID-19 related laboratory claims.

Concerns were raised that the bill’s language could inadvertently open up federal funds for abortion services, but it’s unclear exactly how.

No draft of the legislation had funding for abortion in it.

(Sources: Politifact, EWTN/YouTube, Abby Johnson/YouTube, Life News, The Daily Caller, Jordan Sekulow/Twitter)

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