Christian ‘Pro-Life’ Activists Arrested After Refusing to Wear Masks During City Council Meeting, They Cite Bible as Defense

Christian “pro-life” advocates Edmee Chavannes and Bevelyn Beatty were arrested after they refused to wear required safety masks at a Cape Coral City Council Meeting in Florida on June 6 (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Neither Havannes or Beatty live in Florida.

WBBH reports that Chavannes is from New York, while Beatty hails from Maine.

The two women were also arrested in New York City on May 30 while screaming at people outside a Planned Parenthood Clinic. The women did not wear masks during that incident either.

Beatty and Chavannes traveled to Louisville, Kentucky in April and attended an in-person Easter service at the Maryville Baptist Church, which was violating a state order, noted the Louisville Courier Journal.

The Cape Coral Police Department said the women, along with Kenneth Scott, were charged with resisting officers without violence after “causing a disturbance and disregarding officers’ multiple warnings and lawful orders.”

Police said all three tried to enter City Hall through a restricted stairway.

Beatty defended their actions by citing the Bible to WBBH:

The reality is the Bible tells us that we are called to go and minister the gospel throughout the earth. This is a Christian nation it’s a Christian country and our Christian values in America.

That’s why our Founding Fathers gave us a First Amendment right which God gave us first and foremost they just made to sure to put it in black and white for the constitution for freedom of speech so our job as Christians is so go and minister the gospel. The reality is this… that mask won’t protect you but Jesus will protect you.

(Sources: WBBH, Louisville Courier Journal)

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