Christian ‘Pro-Life’ Activist Tells ‘Every Church’ to Defy COVID-19 Safety Rules as Death Toll Soars to 245,000

Christian “pro-life” activist Abby Johnson took to Twitter on Nov. 13 to call on churches to defy government COVID-19 safety rules as the U.S. death toll soared to 254,040.

Johnson, a longtime COVID-19 skeptic, tweeted a picture of herself with her daughter and her daughter’s best friend — all with their masks down — on an airplane on Nov. 14.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that people increase their chance of getting COVID-19 by choosing air travel.

After sharing her COVID-19 advice, Johnson claimed that Antifa (not an actual group) and Black Lives Matter (has never advocated terrorism) are “terrorist groups,” but failed to present any evidence.

(Sources: Abby Johnson/Twitter, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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