Christian Mom Tells School District How Wearing Masks is a ‘Pagan Ritual of Satanic Worshipers’

The Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin voted on Aug. 11 requiring students to wear COVID-19 safety masks when they return to school for in-person learning, notes WTMJ.


However, Christian mom Heidi Anderson told the school board that she opposes the masks:

Six-foot distance and wearing masks are pagan rituals of satanic worshipers. Absorb that in. 6 feet. Where does 6 feet come from, people? Why is not 3? Why is it not 5? Why is it not 10? Why is it not 30? Why is it 6?

We are Christians. Our children do not practice Satanic worship. We don’t have them stand six feet apart from each other with facial coverings. Facts and data have been suggested here with no logic. These masks are not proven to stop the virus.

[Doctors] who are under the control of large medical organizations which benefit financially from the continuation of this emergency.

These draconian measures for a disease that has very low morbidity, which is much less likely to happen to our kids than them getting in a car accident and dying, or their grandparents falling in a nursing home, is draconian Socialist tactics and overreach… You are elected to serve us.

Glen Allgaier, a member of the Elmbrook School Board, acted as if there were no other options but to open the schools:

There is no perfect solution. People are going to get sick. They are going to spread it.

Scott Wheeler, president of the Elmbrook School Board, claimed the school board decision (to ignore science) was “thoughtful deliberation”:

It’s not often there is a 4-3 split. Really thoughtful deliberation about staff and students but that’s exactly what the board should be concerned with is the staff and students.

(Sources: WTMJ, elmbrookschoolsmedia/YouTube)

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