Christian Mom Compares Sex To Cleaning Toilets, Says Wives Should Always Have Sex To Obey God

Christian mommy blogger Lori Alexander, who calls herself “The Transformed Wife,” advised women to always have sex when their husbands want to, and compared sex to chores such as a cleaning the toilet.

Alexander claimed that husbands who start having sex with their sleeping wives in the middle of the night were not raping them.

Alexander insisted that she could not possibly advocate marital rape because she only spears to women, not men.

Alexander went on to back up her wild claims by citing God, notes the Friendly Atheist:

I teach women what the Bible commands. The Bible commands that we do not deprive our husbands of sexual intimacy. This is from God. It’s not from me.

And if you want to have a miserable life — lazy life — then you live your life by your feelings. You don’t feel like giving your husband sex for a year? Then go, fine, don’t give your husband sex for a year. But see how great your marriage is after a year…

We live our lives by doing what’s right, by obeying God, even when we don’t feel like it. Yes, and that even includes sex. You know, how long does it take?

(Sources: The Transformed Wife/You Tube, The Friendly Atheist)

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