Christian Ministry Removes Pictures Of Evangelists Touching Public School Children: Report

The Todd Becker Foundation, a Christian ministry, is reportedly removing pictures of its employees touching and proselytizing children in public schools.

According to Raw Story, the Todd Becker Foundation removed the pictures after the Freedom From Religion Foundation reported that the Todd Becker Foundation tries to convert children to Christianity during school assemblies and “one-on-one conversations.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation reports:

The Todd Becker Foundation insinuates itself into public schools by minimizing its religious purpose and by claiming to deliver a secular message about how students can make better choices…

While Christian evangelizers often come as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, this particular wolf is thinly disguised. The Todd Becker Foundation’s overtly religious and proselytizing messages are explicit. Even a cursory examination beforehand should raise major red flags for school administrators…

These one-on-one conversations with foundation staff and local clergy are inappropriate in a public school environment and pose a liability for school districts.

The foundation purports to toe the line between what is and isn’t allowed in a public school presentation, but allowing Christian pastors and evangelists the opportunity to evangelize one on one with students during the school day is an egregious constitutional violation that puts school districts in legal peril.

These one-on-one prayers are disturbingly intimate. The Todd Becker Foundation newsletter and Facebook page showcase dozens of instances of foundation team members touching, embracing or hugging students.

The foundation often takes photos of these interactions to use on social media and promotional materials. A er these conversations, the foundation collects the student’s personal information so that local clergy can continue to contact students long a er the foundation has left.

(Sources: Todd Becker Foundation via Raw Story, Freedom From Religion Foundation)

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