Christian Ministry Head: Protests Against Police Brutality ‘Marred’ NFL Season

Jim Daly, the head of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family, claimed on Feb. 5 that NFL player protests — against police brutality of black people — “marred” the NFL season.

Daly made his claim in a blog posting in which he praised Philadelphia Eagles players who thanked God for their Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots. Daly was also happy that players did not kneel during the National Anthem to protest police brutality:

In a year marred by on-field player protests and boycotts, it was good to see the season end on such a positive and faith-filled note.

People can choose to kneel for lots of things. No player knelt for the National Anthem last night to protest – but inside the Eagles’ locker room, the entire team, led by Coach Pederson, took a knee and together recited The Lord’s Prayer. In doing so, they were declaring their priorities.

(Source: Focus On the Family)

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