Christian Leader Explains How He Ignores The Bible To Support Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policies

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins explained to CNN host Christiane Amanpour on Nov. 5 how supports President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies despite the verses in the Bible that call for caring for the poor and immigrants.

Without citing one Bible verse, Perkins claimed that man’s laws must be obeyed despite the verses where God commanded people to help the poor and immigrants, notes the Friendly Atheist:

I’m holding on to the principles of scripture, and as a Christian in America, what we seek to do is to work out, knowing that we are in a secular government, but we can take those principles and argue for and shape policy just as everyone else in our country has a right to do.

And I know that the scripture does speak to the poor, it does speak to the immigrant. But it also speaks to the rule of law.

And in fact, in every instance, in almost every instance you read in the Old Testament about taking in the poor, the immigrant, the strange, it is then that they have an obligation to operate by your customs and your laws.

As a matter of record, the Old Testament does not list any obligation for immigrants “to operate by your customs and your laws,” but Perkins pushed this false claim further:

It’s the assimilation. It’s the rule of law. And that’s where many on the… left side of the ledger in the faith community fail to see the rule of law and how the two go together.

(Source: CNN via Twitter, Friendly Atheist)

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