Christian Law Firm, Working To Criminalize Homosexuality, Calls Opponents ‘Nazis’ & ‘Communists’

Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer Travis Barham compared those who oppose anti-gay bigotry to “communists and Nazis” who “feed on hatred.”

Barham made his comments during a speech at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, which was staged by Turning Point USA, a male-founded conservative organization that has been plagued by reports of racism and illegal campaign activity, noted The New Yorker and The Daily Beast.

During his speech, Barham didn’t mention that the Alliance Defending Freedom has tried to criminalize consensual gay sex between adults in America for years, noted Media Matters.

Instead, Barham hailed former Fire Chief of Atlanta Fire Department Kelvin J. Cochran and former CrossFit executive Russell Berger for making public anti-gay statements:

They may see a fireman with 30 years of distinguished experience — distinguished service, including serving as the highest ranked fireman in the country — get fired for a Bible study book he wrote on his own time. Or they may see a fitness executive get fired simply for expressing Christian beliefs. 

Barham later tried to paint Americans who oppose anti-gay bigotry as “communists and Nazis”:

In his day, the threat to freedom came from the communists and Nazis, and he observed that they are the same thing spelled in different ways. Today, we could add radical leftists to that list, as they share the same philosophies and authoritarian tendencies, though thankfully not the same murderous tactics.

Again borrowing from Churchill, like the communists and Nazis, radical leftists tolerate no opinion but their own. Like the communists and Nazis, they feed on hatred. Like the communists and Nazis, they must seek from time to time and always at shorter intervals, a new target, a new prize, a new victim.  

(Sources: Media MattersMedia Matters, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle)

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