Christian Law Firm Falsely Claims Church Enforced Social Distancing To Defend Criminally-Charged Pastor

The Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based Christian law firm, is falsely claiming that the River Church in Tampa, Florida practiced social distancing even though a video from the church service clearly shows just the opposite.

The Liberty Counsel — former lawyers of anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky — is defending River Church Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne who allegedly ignored local orders against mass gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic and showed “reckless disregard for human life,” reports NBC News.

The Liberty Counsel falsely claimed on its website that Howard-Brown was “arrested for holding a church service.”

The Liberty Counsel also falsely claimed that the church practiced “six-foot distancing” as required in a Hillsborough County administrative order, which contradicts the church video:

Not only did the church comply with the administrative order regarding six-foot distancing, it went above and beyond any other business to ensure the health and safety of the people.

(Sources: Liberty Counsel, NBC News, Photo Credits: Hernando County Sheriff and Rodney Howard-Browne/YouTube)

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