Christian Group Outraged Over POM Juice Ad About Woman, 50, With Healthy Sex Life

The Christian group One Million Moms is outraged over a POM Wonderful juice ad that shows a woman doing yoga while her “worry monster” is upset because the woman’s 50th birthday has arrived and everything is going well, including her sex life:

This vile commercial is airing during prime time when children are likely watching television. POM should be ashamed! When this type of commercial airs too early in the evening, family viewing time is ruined. Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a child when they see this ad?

We all know children repeat what they hear. There is nothing funny about kids mimicking this behavior. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.
POM may push away customers if they continue advertising in a repulsive manner that offends parents. POM needs to know parents do not approve!

In response, the Friendly Atheist skewered the logic of One Million Moms:

What will children think? They’ll think the monster is purple and adorable and stretching is fun. (As for her sex life, which she’s apparently not allowed to have at age 50? I doubt any children will even hear the line, much less consider it the focal point of this commercial.)

(Sources: POM Wonderful/YouTube, One Million Moms, Friendly Atheist)

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