Christian Group Focus On The Family Pretends Trump Did Not Choose To Separate Immigrant Children From Parents

Jim Daly, the head of Focus on the Family, wrote a blog post addressing the immigrant children being taken from their parents.

Daly never mentions that the Trump administration implimented the child separation policy back in May, but rather pretends the child imprisonment crisis is the result years of policies, unenforced laws and foreign governments:

The crisis we find ourselves in at the southern border has been years in the making, a complex consequence of bad policy, unenforced laws and an inability of politicians to make difficult and often unpopular decisions.  

It’s also the result of tyrannical and unpopular governments – and the attractive bright light of America that has historically drawn people to her shores.

Trump could easily end the practice of imprisoning children, which Daly fails to mention.

Instead, Daly tells people to pray for non-specific  “practical solutions”:

As believers, we must commit to praying for our nation’s leaders, especially for wisdom and discernment. A Republican solution isn’t the ultimate answer, but nor is a Democrat one the cure for what ails us.

We must drive towards practical solutions, both at the border and inside the home, that lift up life and strengthen the family.

First and foremost, we urge government officials to work together towards a humane and God-honoring solution that best preserves the integrity and sanctity of the family unit while also protecting our borders and assuring the safety of our citizens.

Daly then claims Focus on the Family, which has consistently supported Republicans is somehow working on “both sides of the aisle”:

Second, we must move beyond shouting snappy soundbites in social media, and understand that it’s not so much what you say as what you do. Focus on the Family is committed to working with leadership on both sides of the aisle, often behind the scenes, both shaping policy and advocating for solutions that serve the greater good and thereby honor God.

(Source: Focus on the Family, NBC News)


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