Christian Girl Breaks School Rules, Mom Claims She’s Punished For Her Faith

Gabby Helsinger, a student at Lebanon High School in Ohio, recently wrote Bible verses on posters and hung them on the walls in response to LGBTQ pride flags decorating the halls.

In a Facebook video posted on her mom Tina’s page, Gabby said she received a day of in-school suspension and admitted that she did not have permission to hang the Bible verses on the wall:

And I said, “Because I wanted to spread the word of God.” And [the principal] goes, “Well did you have permission?” And I said, “No.” I didn’t know you had to have permission because people do it a lot — putting Post-It notes on people’s lockers, so I just did it.

Gabby added that she put the Bible verse posters up because LGBTQ people needed to be “healed” from living in “confusion”:

[I] seen that there [were] people in my school that needed help… They don’t need to be living in the confusion of wondering if they should be gay, bi, lesbian, trans — anything like that. And I know that God is the only way that they can be healed by that, and that’s why I did it. I was not targeting any kind of organization.

Gabby claimed that her principal said she was “targeting the [Gay-Straight Alliance] organization,” which she denied:

The next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because “abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness” because I put Bible verses up “targeting the GSA organization.” I did not know what the GSA organization was or meant.

Gabby said she asked the principal why, if God or Jesus is mentioned, it gets removed “straight away,” while “gay pride stuff” is not punished.

Principal Scott Butler told Yahoo Lifestyle in an email: “In general, when a student violates the Student Code of Conduct, there are consequences for those actions.”

Tina expressed outrage at the school for enforcing the rules on her daughter Gabby:

Lebanon schools celebrates evil and punishes righteousness!! Parents – if this was happening to your child – what would you do? Please listen to her story. If you feel she is being unjustly punished please flood emails and calls to the Principal and Assistant Principal if Lebanon High School.

Likewise, evangelist Franklin Graham praised Gabby on his Facebook page for breaking the school rules:

Gabby is right—God is the one who can bring help and healing—and she wanted to share that truth with others. Let’s pray for Gabby as she lets her light shine.

(Sources: Yahoo Lifestyle, Tina Helsinger/Facebook, Franklin Graham/Facebook)

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