Christian ‘Firefighter Prophet’ Brags He Made Hillary Clinton Collapse With His Prayer

Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor bragged that his prayers caused Hillary Clinton to collapse on September 11, 2016.

Taylor told the “Omega Man Radio” program that he did “a target focused prayer” to “remove all those that are corrupt in our government and in leadership across this country, at every level of government.”

Clinton was not in government at the time of Taylor’s prayer, she left her Secretary of State position in 2013, but he bragged about causing her physical injury with his godly prayer, notes Right Wing Watch:

This is the power and authority we have. I hung up the phone at 9:17. Twenty minutes later, Hilary Clinton collapsed for the entire world to see. Now that was prophetic on a couple of different accounts: One, that shows you the power and authority we have with 10,000 people in agreement, with one heart, one mind and one accord in unity… The second thing it was prophetic for, when she fell, that was a prophetic sign that the Clinton machine and all those attached to it were going to collapse.

Taylor also claimed that people who protest President Donald Trump are in fear because divine judgement is coming:

What do you see happening right now? You are seeing protests, you are seeing all this stuff, you are seeing fear right now because they know divine judgment is here. Period.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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