Christian Financial Guru Dave Ramsey Plans to Host In-Person Conference in Tennessee County Where COVID-19 Cases Surge

Christian Financial guru Dave Ramsey is planning to hold an in-person conference in Franklin, Tennessee on July 12-15, despite rising COVID-19 cases there.

Nashville Scene reports that Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Summit conference could “potentially bring thousands of people to Middle Tennessee, where COVID-19 cases are spiking. Williamson County specifically has also been recording record-high numbers of new cases.”

The EntreLeadership Summit website posted a statement of defiance: “We know it’s been a season of fighting. Of pivoting and learning. And this year more than ever, it’s going to be time to come together. To celebrate small business. To keep growing. And to get inspired to keep up the fight. So, while we’re moving to a later date in a new city, Summit is still GAME ON. We’ll see you there.”

Ramsey originally planned his conference in Orlando, Florida, another hot spot of coronavirus infections.

However, the Marriott hotel in Orlando told Ramsey Solutions that it was not going to host the conference because of health concerns.

Ramsey Solutions executive vice president Daniel Tardy broke the news to Ramsey’s staff in an email on July 2, notes the Nashville Scene:

Today we were told by our host hotel, Marriott, that they have chosen to stop partnering with us and being solution oriented on delivering a great guest experience because of their myopic take on COVID stuff. I’ll spare you the details but trust me when I say they are being immature, transactional and irrational.

The Friendly Atheist notes Ramsey refused to close his office in March:

In March, Ramsey kept his company’s offices open after an employee tested positive for the virus, even though large gatherings were being discouraged by public health officials at the time. Staffers and people with loved ones at the company say the company has continued to hold large in-person staff meetings in recent months and is ignoring guidance, and even mandates, about masks.

(Sources: Nashville Scene, Nashville Scene, EntreLeadership Summit, Friendly Atheist)

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