Christian Evangelical Voters Delighted By Trump Because He Acts Like A Bully For Them: Report

The Washington Post spoke to 50 evangelicals in Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and found that they are delighted with President Donald Trump’s first term:

[E]vangelical voters paint the portrait of the Trump they see: a president who acts like a bully but is fighting for them. A president who sees America like they do, a menacing place where white Christians feel mocked and threatened for their beliefs. A president who’s against abortion and gay rights and who has the economy humming to boot...

While some evangelicals oppose Trump because of his foul language, he still has about 69 percent approval rating among evangelicals, accord to Pew Research.

Rev. Chris Gillott of the Christian Life Center in Bensalem, Pennsylvania was very impressed that Trump did not light up the White House in rainbow lights to support civil rights for LGBT people.

Despite being in the majority, Gillott portrayed himself as a victim:

There is animus being attributed to Christian core beliefs. And where that’s coming from is the left.

Rev. A.J. Dudek of Appleton, Wisconsin thinks that Trump is going to somehow end legal abortion:

If Donald Trump will help save a couple million babies that’s a good thing. My vote has to align with my view of God’s word — I should care for the baby in the womb.

Joey Rogers, a member of an evangelical church near Tampa, Florida, praised Trump for his honestly even though Trump has lied 12,000 times while president:

He’s forthright and honest — at his rallies, he talks about God.

All of our laws are based on the Ten Commandments. I think that’s why the country is losing the values that we once had.

Andrea Owen, a retired police officer, explained how she supports Trump’s cruel immigration policies that imprison children:

If you are coming to America and you are in one of our facilities being held, that’s on you. I’m not trying to be hateful because we’re all God’s people. But do it legally. . . . The places they’re housing them? Honestly, if they’re so uncomfortable, they shouldn’t have come here.

(Sources: The Washington Post, Pew Research, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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